1:1 Restorative Exercise in the comfort of your home

Are you ready for 1:1 guidance and support to feel more at home in your body through an increased awareness of your body's alignment (where parts are in relation to eachother and the ground), more muscular strength and mobility in your joints? I look forward to working with you!

Before our first session together, I email you an online intake form for you to complete so I start to get to know you along with your concerns and goals. That way we can get straight to work when we get together.

Here are a few things that we'll do in sessions: 

- you will learn strengthening, lengthening and releasing exercises to make you feel good, to stabilize and mobilize your joints and to move you into more optimal skeletal alignment over time. 

-  you will begin to practice mindfulness when it comes to how you think about, feel and use your body every day. 

- you will go home a handful of new insights in relation to your particular area of interest and / or concern and with a good idea of what changes you can implement to move towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed. 

Contact me to find out if we are a good fit. 

Fine Print:
Travel fee of $10 each session when I come to you and you are located in Orleans, Barrhaven, Kanata or deep Ottawa South, Aylmer or Wakefield.
Central Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and Chelsea require no travel fee.

Please cancel a scheduled session within 24 hours. If I receive a cancellation within less than 24 hours, I might charge you 50%. No shows will ALWAYS be charged the full price.

If you have a friend with similar goals, get together to receive 20% OFF each (sessions are 75min). You can also organize your own small group. Just get in touch and we can discuss it.

What clients say:

"Thanks for meeting with me the other day.  Want to report that i slept so well and had no back pain when i woke up...usually my back is super stiff in the mornings..." Female Client

"Things are going really well for me! You have helped me so, so much! Everything you taught me has made such a difference and I'm so happy with the results!!!!!
If things do not continue to improve, and I seem 'stuck', I would love to contact you again. Thank you so much for all of your help! You are amazing:)"

Female Client

"After many efforts to strengthen my core and close my diastasis, Susanne has taught me a successful method. I now understand how to work "smarter, not harder". I am mindful of how I move my body. I am able to stretch gently and consistently in a way that has reduced the pain in my lower back. I am able to work my transverse muscles correctly. I am delighted to feel my diastasis slowly closing. My self confidence is improving and I am so thankful to Susanne for this change in my life!" Female Client

"I contacted Susanne in hopes that she would be able to help me with low back pain I was experiencing due in part to diastasis recti after my two pregnancies.  She helped me with that and so much more!  Susanne helped me change my standing and sitting posture and I have seen a significant decrease in the chronic low back pain I have experienced.  I am able to stand comfortably for long periods of time, which I have been unable to do for years. My pelvis, low back and abdomen are also far more relaxed than they have been in years. She gave me new tools and taught me new ways of thinking about my body that have helped me cope better with acute epidodes of pain. I really appreciate her calm and friendly demeanor and really enjoyed working with her." 
Female Client and chiropractor

"I particularly liked that Susanne was able to come to me, at my own house, and she was always very understanding and flexible (being a mother herself). I also appreciated her adaptability in finding real-life practical movement solutions - no special equipment or infinite space needed!
Susanne helped me realize that I don't need to find more time in my day to do exercise; rather, if I am more mindful about the way I move (and don't move) through the day, it will be incredibly beneficial. And I don't need to make specific time to go to a gym to get in great shape!
I learned so much from my sessions with Susanne! Aside from the many stretches and natural movement exercises, she has taught me the importance of posture, technique and stance (I've even changed the way I get out of bed and sit on the toilet!) - and these seemingly tiny changes have made a huge impact.
All of this incredible knowledge is now being passed on to my family so that we can all enjoy healthy, active lives. Since my sessions with Susanne, I find we play (inside and out) together as a family more often. We go to the park, walk more, and have even built a set of monkey bars in our basement!"
Female Client

"I contacted Susanne after trying everything! I was uncomfortable and unhealthy. What I liked about working with Susanne was she tailored a program to me as a person - emotionally and physically. She asked me my goals and we set out to accomplish them together. Since working with Susanne I have accomplished those goals and have set new ones. I can now happily say I am pain and discomfort free and I feel better physically and emotionally. I think completely different about myself and how I live my life. My family can see this change in me. Before they were worried about me and now they don't have to." Male Client

"Susanne impressed me!
Her reply to my brief email exceeded my expectations: specific clear questions to clarify my concern, attention to all details, and suggestions of a range of solutions.
When I met Susanne, every minute of her consultation was valuable to me : she is an exceptional listener, a talented educator, and an attentive expert. She informed me without  judging, preaching or imposing one way of solving complex factors that impacted my ability to be physically fit. She picked right exercises and tailored them to my current condition without overwhelming me. I learnt to  understand my body and listen to it, to relax where I used to get tense, to do movements that used to be outside of my abilities but are necessary for balance and painless posture. I feel better prepared for the approaching labor, baby/toddler carrying, and hiking with my older child.
I am grateful to Susanne, and recommend her services a lot!"
Female client

"After I read a couple of Katy Bowman’s books, I was happy to find out that there was a trained restorative exercise specialist in the Ottawa area. It was a real pleasure to work with Susanne through private sessions and to attend one of her group workshops. Reading books is one thing, and she really helped me grasp some concepts better and take things to the next level. She could see my problem areas, confirm that I was doing the exercises properly and she was very patient with all my questions.

After a few months only, I’ve already noticed improvements in my body. I’m also seeing opportunities everywhere for more natural movement and I’m having a lot more fun in the process! I’m playing and engaging with my children at the playgroup, walking and moving more mindfully and my energy level has gone up. Thank you for all your help Susanne."

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