About Susanne


Hi. My name is Susanne. I'm originally from Germany but have pretty much all of my adult life lived elsewhere, first in England and for the last 10 years (WOW!) in Canada.

I graduated with a Bachelor in Social Work 10 years ago and briefly worked as a Palliative Care Social Worker / Counsellor. My social work career plans were put on hold when I moved to Canada and started a family. It was here where I began to re-invent myself as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for pregnant women and new moms.
In 2010, I began my journey of self-employment and gave birth to my business Kangaroo Fitness. I became a Restorative Exercise Specialist through the Nutritious Movement Centre after completing training with biomechanist, Katy Bowman, MS, and have helped hundreds of women understand how their bodies work and how to make changes to their alignment and movement habits in order to support a healthy, pain-free body throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

Over time, I felt compelled to re-trace my social work roots and connect it to body work – a personal and professional growth path that I continue to walk ...  In 2015, I came across Somatic Experiencing, which is a fancy name for Peter Levine’s body-based approach to trauma therapy. It was an AHA moment for me, as this work seemed to be the answer to my search for the next step in my quest to integrate my social work and body work selfs. 

The month I began my first year of training, I also decided to apply to the Masters of Social Work program here in Ottawa. I am now a Registered Social Worker with a Masters under my belt.

I provide person-centered somatic psychotherapy at the Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre (Woodroffe and Carling). I also run a variety of exercise and support groups for moms-to-be and moms and babies.

Some of the learning (excluding mom school) that I have done over the years:

2015-2018: Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training with Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

2016-2017 – Masters in Social Work

2013: Birth Doula Workshop with DONA International

2012-2013 Restorative Exercise Specialist / Personal Trainer with Nutritious Movement Centre (formerly known as Restorative Exercise Institute)

2012 - Healthy Foot Practitioner with Nutritious Movement Centre (formerly known as Restorative Exercise Institute)

2012 - Palliative Care training course at Algonquin College

2010 - Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist with Baby & Me in Toronto

2008 - Personal Trainer Specialist with CanFitPro

2004-2007 - Bachelor in Social Work (England)

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