Alignment Travels

Day X has come. On Monday, my two kids and I are flying to Germany to visit family and friends. We're staying for 7 weeks because we've never stayed for longer than 2,5 weeks and that was always way too short.  And I want to smell Germany air for a long enough period of time to be able to get a sense of whether I would actually like living in Germany. My husband and I are dreaming of this self sufficiency thing and he thinks Germany is THE place for us to do that. I disagree. But I'll check it out anyway. Who knows. Maybe the people in the East German villages want to not only hear the alignment message but actually pay me for it! Self-sufficience only goes so far .....

Anyway, this post is about the least fun part of the trip: SITTING ON THE PLANE FOR HOURS AND WHAT I DO ABOUT IT

In case you have no idea yet that sitting is evil, click here and here!

Sitting on my butt is an instant calf and hamstring shortener. Because normally, I'm not sitting much as a matter of life style, my butt starts hurting after a while of sitting and I can literally feel my short calves and hamstrings. The thought that I need to sit (and sleep) on that plane to Europe is 'killing me'.

So what can I do? Well, quite a bit. For starters, I'll try and change my sitting position, e.g. sit cross legged, squat on the seat, sit on my heels, ect. Travelling with two kids will mean that I'll naturally have more opportunity and reason to get up and walk around a bit. I'll also pack those two things in the photo into my hand luggage and I won't be afraid to use it.


The white half dome is for calf stretching. I just pop the ball of my foot onto it while keeping the heel on the floor. I keep my stretching leg vertical and instantly feel great.


The Yoga Tune Up Balls fullfill several tasks. The kids can use them for their calf stretching. I can also take one ball out of the net and plop my foot on it and give my arch a massage. Chances are I'll be way too lazy to do this on the plane but I'll sure do it as soon as I arrive at my friend's apartment in Berlin (Oh what joy to see Berlin again!).

The balls are also an amazing back and neck massage tool. I particularly like to place them between my shoulder blades. The balls stay in the net and I place it so that one ball is on each side of my spine. (Two tennis balls in a sock will do the same thing.) I have to lie on the floor for that so I won't do that one on the plane unfortunately. But I can also do it while sitting: The balls will be between the back of the seat and my back. Not as great but better than nothing.

There are a ton of things you can do to keep your body active (read: circulating) while on the plane. Even while sitting. I have at least 10 more ideas.

I have students who used their (regular sized) half dome to sit on while on a long car trip and prevented the usual company of lower back pain. The round side is down and aids in the untucking of the pelvis. Untucked pelvis = less compression of discs in lumbar spine.

And when I arrive: some walking in Berlin for starters. And then living in a village with lots of family within walking distance. Fresh chicken eggs from my grandma's chickens! Eating lots and lots and lots of sausages. And checking in with my sister and her progress. I already warned her that I'll write another blog post about her!










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