Can You Do This With Your Hands?

Last night after dinner we challengend each other to do different things with our fingers and it turns out that I have the worst mobility in my hands compared with the rest of the family.

This is our 5 year old raising 3 fingers. Note the 90° angle between his middle finger and thumb. Also note how his digit and middle finger line up neatly next to each other and how the palm is nice and flat.

This is my husband's hand doing the same. Note the angle between the middle finger and thumb is less than 90°. But looking pretty good.

Get ready for the disaster that is my hand. I mean, you could say there is a good angle between my middle finger and my thumb but look at how my thumb caves in. I need to do something about that.

So I went and did something about it.

I found this bouncy ball and   massaged the tight area. I did it for 20 seconds. On the photo I have the ball on the table but I actually did the release with the ball on the floor where I could fully extend my arm and adjust the pressure. It felt good.




Then I raised my 3 fingers again. And my muscle had a lightbulb moment. I had just woken up some motor pathways with this short massage and my muscle released. Check this out.

susannes_3_fingers.jpg susannes_3_fingers_after_a_release.jpg






So just a little mindfulness and a short muscle release is what it took to make a change. Now that I experienced this I can practice this everytime I have to raise three fingers. Which I have to do a lot. Because I have kids. I need to do it when I say things like: 3 MORE MINUTES AND THEN WE BRUSH OUR TEETH.

But there are other ways to raise 3 fingers as my 5 year old taught me. And even he already has tension patterns as you can see.

We need healthy muscles in our hands! Unless you want arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome or frozen shoulders and neck as you get older.

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