Tough Workout Or Whole Body Movement

I have a love-hate relationship with facebook. I love it when I see a link to really cute minimal shoes like these ones. But I get rather turbulent flow in my blood vessels when I come across people saying stuff like:
'I had an awesome leg workout. I had to take the elevator down because my legs were so sore.'
or 'Great workout. I hobbled home'. Haha.

It stresses me out big time. Why on earth do people think this crazy pain is good? I'm not talking about a bit of muscle soreness that we get from using a muscle that we haven't really been using before. I mean the 'I can't walk anymore' kind of muscle soreness. This is just our body saying This-Is-Enough loud and clear. And the way I see it, it is just not natural behaviour to feel happy and proud when our body is saying NO. Or am I alone here?

Imagine you are a paleolithic person and you live fully in tune with your body because listening to your body's signals means the difference between life and death. Imagine one day you feel that all this natural living stuff stinks and you want to have a bit of fun and show everybody how cool/strong/able you are by doing something nobody has ever done:  You climb up and down 15 trees as fast as you can followed by lifting 5 big rocks and a 30minute chase after a mammut (or whatever). Imagine you made it and everybody is cheering. You feel the rush of adrenaline. It feels great. You also feel sore and have to lie down. Not so great. You actually feel too weak to embark on the 5mile trek to the next food source. Not great at all. You are left behind. The End.

Had the paleolithic people and the people after that been abusing their body like this, well, we wouldn't be here. Humans survived and evolved because they spent their days doing whole body movements like walking and carrying their children (or dead animals.) And then they rested. No CrossFit or treadmills or crazy leg workouts needed to live and thrive. Just walking and carrying stuff in their arms. And maybe the occasional climb up a tree or fight with an animal. And then a period of rest.

What happened to us? This big fitness boom. It's only been around for the last 40 or so years. Before that people just moved more throughout the day. They didn't need to work out. Now we sit on our butts for most of the day. Most of us don't even wash the floor on hands and knees anymore. (I do! I do!) And because we know we are so deconditioned, we take our completely underused body with its 600+ muscles (most of them way too tight) into a gym and give it a tough workout. Then it makes us feel great. But, really, for our body it's only stress. On every level. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, organs, blood vessels. Each and every cell really. And it shows. Foot, knee, hip, back, neck and shoulder pain anyone? Feeling tight? Not able to walk up or down the stairs? Needing to take the elevator after a workout???????? It just doesn't make sense to me!

Oh, and at the end a little help for all of you out there with tight calves from a tough workout, from wearing heels or from sitting too much: THE calf stretch. A rolled up towel will do too.


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