Farewell, Hyperkyphosis, farewell!

I have hyperkyphosis in my thoracic spine! Do you?

Last night after dinner we challengend each other to do different things with our fingers and it turns out that I have the worst mobility in my hands compared with the rest of the family.

This is our 5 year old raising 3 fingers. Note the 90° angle between his middle finger and thumb. Also note how his digit and middle finger line up neatly next to each other and how the palm is nice and flat.

This is my husband's hand doing the same. Note the angle between the middle finger and thumb is less than 90°. But looking pretty good.

hand stretch

Many pregnant women get achy wrists especially when loading them in the hands and knee position. It is pretty common and it came up as a complaint last evening in our Prenatal Alignment Class. None of the common aches and pains of pregnancy need to be endured. Wrists were not made to ache during pregnancy. Our bodies are better than that. We just have to use our body correctly to get the best out of it - even during pregnancy.

What is going on?

In February this year my 15 year old sister came to visit and I did a blog post about her high heeled boots and the resulting forward thrust of her pelvis when standing. You can read about it here. This summer I went on a long vacation in Germany and was eager to follow up with her and do some more work. But even though I was there for 7 weeks, it just didn't really happen. She was busy doing what 15 year olds do when it's summer. And I was busy exploring playgrounds and hiking and climbing. Then on the day we were packing to leave, she came over for a bit of a session. But unfortunately, it was all a bit half hearted and it's all pretty useless to share here in detail. BUT I do have something.

I have photos.

How to get your kid(s) to walk

Yesterday was the first day back at school. Our 5 year old is starting preschool while our 3 year old is back at the Montessori daycare. Our daily school walk has just increased by a whopping 600m. 1km to Montessori, a retour of 1,1km to the school and 500m back home = 2,6km. And the same again in the afternoon, altogether totalling 5,2km. Not bad.

For the kids its only a daily 2,6km of course but the 5 year old clocks most of those in one bout.

I’m back from 7 weeks in Germany. The children and I (and 4 weeks later my hubs) got to spend a lot of quality time with family. I indulged in  many hours with good friends. I hiked - alone and with the kids.
We did a few amazing rock climbing trips in the beautiful sandstone landscape that I call my home.

Day X has come. On Monday, my two kids and I are flying to Germany to visit family and friends. We're staying for 7 weeks because we've never stayed for longer than 2,5 weeks and that was always way too short.  And I want to smell Germany air for a long enough period of time to be able to get a sense of whether I would actually like living in Germany. My husband and I are dreaming of this self sufficiency thing and he thinks Germany is THE place for us to do that. I disagree. But I'll check it out anyway. Who knows. Maybe the people in the East German villages want to not only hear the alignment message but actually pay me for it! Self-sufficience only goes so far .....

You know that hamstring stretch where you lie on your back and put a strap over the ball of your foot and get your leg as high as you can to stretch your hammies? This is what you see in those pictures here. Except that you only see the pelvis and a bit of leg but thats ok because this is what I want you to see.

I was born in 1981 and grew up in an East German village. I spent my childhood roaming the streets of the village with my friends. The streets were largely unpaved back then and the properties of houses didn’t have fences – we just walked from one place to the next covering quite some distances throughout the day.

When I entered school, we walked. We were always a bunch of kids walking and it never felt like a chore. And I honestly don’t remember EVER having been driven to school. Actually, we didn’t even have a car. That was East Germany after all. No money for cars or paved roads. We HAD to walk. All the kids walked.

Here is a question I got from a pregnant client of mine. Its a question I get all the time.

I am pretty sure I am starting to have abdominal separation (I notice a buldge above my navel when I do ab work). I was wondering if it was still safe to continue ab work with this condition (i.e., crunches, planks, leg raises, etc).

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