When our now 5 year old son started to walk, I proudly bought him his first pair of outside shoes. It was a fairly sturdy sneaker kind of shoe. A shoe pretty much like this one, just much smaller and not as pink:

Last weekend I came back from certification week at the Restorative Exercise Institute. One day after I got home, my little 15 year old sister came to visit from Germany. As she came out of customs at the airport, I first saw her lovely happy face and then I saw her high heeled boots!!!!!! I managed to keep my mouth shut until the next day but then I couldn't restrain myself and she got the high heel talk!

The high heel talk goes a bit like this and really is all about basic geometry:

It’s only 2 years ago that I started my own business and called it Kangaroo Fitness.

Bethany Learn's from Fit 2 Be Studio asked me to write something for her blog after she read my belly blues blog post from a few weeks ago. This is what I wrote and what was published on her blog last week. It's about time that I put it up on my own blog - slightly edited. Its a bit on the longer side but it has lots of picture! Here goes:

For over a year now I’ve been studying with the Restorative Exericse Institute. Before I decided to go for the Whole Body Alignment course this Spring, I took the NoMoreKegels course which is all about pelvic floor health. I learned about the effect of our footwear and posture on the alignment of the pelvis and how this in turn effects the pelvic floor muscles. I also learned specific exercises to restore pelvic floor function. And one of the most fundamental of those restorative exercises is the calf stretch.

pelvic alignment and abdominal muscles

*I wrote and posted the following blog post in November 2012 and edited in December 2014. You are reading the edited version.*

For many women the belly is a problem zone laden with negative emotions. Maybe you feel totally disconnected from this area of your body. Maybe the look of your belly in the mirror even triggers a sense of loss and hopelessness.

Last Thursday I wrote a post with the title 'Fall Into A Habit Of Walking'. I thought it was a funny game with words since its fall and falling into a habit of walking sounded like a really witty title. I wasn't laughing the next day. I did walk on Friday morning like I said I would. But I also did the falling part. No, not that kind of falling. But the literal Falling Down The Stairs.

This morning I had some unscheduled time. So after my husband and I got the kids fed, dressed, packed and walked to day care and after I responded to some emails, I was faced with the following choices:
a) do some bookkeeping
b) get some study time in for my Whole Body Alignment course so I get closer to my goal of being a Restorative Exercise Specialist
c) write a blog post to share a bit of what I'm learning in the just mentionned course
d) walk to the store to buy new woodchips for our guinnea pig so he can get a fresh house today

‚The Freedom in a country can be measured by the freedom of birth.‘Agnes Gereb

Last night I went to see the world wide premier of ‚Freedom Of Birth‘ – a movie that any woman and man supporting a woman in childbirth should watch. A movie that slaps it right into your face that childbirth is a human rights issue. And after it has slapped you in the face, it stabs you into your heart. At least this is what happened to me.

I have a love-hate relationship with facebook. I love it when I see a link to really cute minimal shoes like these ones. But I get rather turbulent flow in my blood vessels when I come across people saying stuff like:
'I had an awesome leg workout. I had to take the elevator down because my legs were so sore.'
or 'Great workout. I hobbled home'. Haha.

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