How to get your kid(s) to walk

Yesterday was the first day back at school. Our 5 year old is starting preschool while our 3 year old is back at the Montessori daycare. Our daily school walk has just increased by a whopping 600m. 1km to Montessori, a retour of 1,1km to the school and 500m back home = 2,6km. And the same again in the afternoon, altogether totalling 5,2km. Not bad.

For the kids its only a daily 2,6km of course but the 5 year old clocks most of those in one bout.

This morning I had some unscheduled time. So after my husband and I got the kids fed, dressed, packed and walked to day care and after I responded to some emails, I was faced with the following choices:
a) do some bookkeeping
b) get some study time in for my Whole Body Alignment course so I get closer to my goal of being a Restorative Exercise Specialist
c) write a blog post to share a bit of what I'm learning in the just mentionned course
d) walk to the store to buy new woodchips for our guinnea pig so he can get a fresh house today

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