Family Hikes

We love hiking as a family. Not only because its good for the soul to get out into nature but also because walking is something that our human machine needs in order to be healthy.

We want our children to grow strong and healthy and walking is THE activity they need but don't get enough of. We also want our children to appreciate and learn about nature so we need to get them into nature on a regular basis.

Humans are herd animals: it's just more fun to walk in a group. That goes especially for children. So, come and join us! Us are me (Susanne), my husband, and our two children (4 and 6).

We started a facebook group where the upcoming walk is posted and you are invited to join the group so you can join the walks!

If you are not on facebook, just contact Susanne and she'll put you on the family hike email list. 

Susanne is going to have a new baby in August and there will be Mom+Baby hikes in the fall. Again, contact her if you are interested in that. 

And here some othere tidbits: 

We recommend to join the hikes even if you think your kid is not a good enough or motivated enough walker. Walking with other kids (and other adults) is very motivational!

The hikes differ in length. Sometimes its shorter, sometimes its longer (between 4-7km). Sometimes, everyone walks really fast, sometimes the hike takes forever. 

Always, always, always pack drinks and snacks. We always make a little picnic at the halfway point but little snacks along the way can often help a "tired" kid to keep walking.  

In terms of foot wear, we recommend soft, flexible and completely flat shoes (for more info read this!) Kids are just so much more able to climb, run, jump
(i.e. have fun) if their feet are in minimal shoes.

The hikes have always been in Gatineau Park so far but they don't have to be. We are open to suggestions.

Important Note: It is absolutely essential that you always let me know if you are coming. Even if it is 1hour before the walk!  If you are running late, we won't know to wait for you and leave without you. 

My contact details are here. Oh, and the family hikes are FREE. 


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