calf stretch

Day X has come. On Monday, my two kids and I are flying to Germany to visit family and friends. We're staying for 7 weeks because we've never stayed for longer than 2,5 weeks and that was always way too short.  And I want to smell Germany air for a long enough period of time to be able to get a sense of whether I would actually like living in Germany. My husband and I are dreaming of this self sufficiency thing and he thinks Germany is THE place for us to do that. I disagree. But I'll check it out anyway. Who knows. Maybe the people in the East German villages want to not only hear the alignment message but actually pay me for it! Self-sufficience only goes so far .....

For over a year now I’ve been studying with the Restorative Exericse Institute. Before I decided to go for the Whole Body Alignment course this Spring, I took the NoMoreKegels course which is all about pelvic floor health. I learned about the effect of our footwear and posture on the alignment of the pelvis and how this in turn effects the pelvic floor muscles. I also learned specific exercises to restore pelvic floor function. And one of the most fundamental of those restorative exercises is the calf stretch.

I have a love-hate relationship with facebook. I love it when I see a link to really cute minimal shoes like these ones. But I get rather turbulent flow in my blood vessels when I come across people saying stuff like:
'I had an awesome leg workout. I had to take the elevator down because my legs were so sore.'
or 'Great workout. I hobbled home'. Haha.

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