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Prenatal Alignment Class

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Painfree Pregnancy - Prenatal Alignment Class

"And pregnant women also must take care of their bodies, not avoiding exercise nor adopting a low diet … for children before birth are evidently affected by the mother just as growing plants are by the earth." Aristotle, Politics, Book VII, Chapter XVII


My goals for you and your baby are a
healthy and painfree pregnancy,
happy memories of your birth
and an easy recovery.

We all know that a healthy lifestyle includes physical activity in addition to the nutrients from a wholesome diet and sufficient periods of rest and sleep. But are we getting enough "movement nutrients" and are we getting it right? Here are some facts:

Reality Check 1: We spend most of the day sitting on sitting devices. On chairs. Benches. Sofas. In cars. On toilets! All this sitting occurs at home, on the bus, at work, at the restaurant, in the park. North Americans even bring their folding chairs to music festivals!

Susanne is an amazing instructor and attending class on a weekly basis is a great way to learn new exercises, and be reminded of alignment and key markers to performing the exercises properly and effectively. We truly noticed a difference if we missed a week or did not incorporate the exercises into our daily lives. Since attending the class we have noticed that our muscles are stronger and much more toned.
After joining the postnatal class in the fall we became more aware of how improperly aligned our bodies are in everyday activities. We were able to correct our alignment with the exercises we learned in class and incorporate the exercises into our everyday lives. Being able to exercise while holding, nursing or playing with our babies is not something we even imagined was possible but it is amazing the workout that can be achieved when your body is properly aligned.
Two Mom+Baby Restorative Exercise Class participants
February 11, 2013
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