prenatal alignment class

As a second time mom, I had assumed that the prenatal yoga techniques I had learned in the first pregnancy would serve me just fine this time around. So I wasn't exactly looking for a prenatal exercise class. But after reading the description, I knew this class was somehow different - and so, as it turned out, was this pregnancy.

I started getting lower back problems during my fourth month, which I had not experienced before (being 8 years younger then!). Given that I could barely stand straight some days, the claim of a "pain free pregnancy" really caught my attention so I signed up. 

Well, by applying the principles I learned after the very first class, I was able to solve the back pain. But I got a lot more than that - after completing the six classes, I feel very confident going into this birth, armed with all of the knowledge of efficient birthing positions and knowing exactly how to help my body do what it was structurally designed to do.

Susanne and Jillian emphasize working with instead of against our anatomy, and making things easy and efficient for ourselves.  I now believe that good alignment is something everybody should learn, at all stages of life.

I was impressed enough with the results that I invited them to speak to a group of non-pregnant people at my workplace, where their information was well received. Highly recommended to take their classes!

Prenatal Alignment Class participant
November 20, 2013

I am very much looking forward to the next class. This morning I got out of bed and stood up for the first time in four weeks without feeling like I needed to grab the wall for support. Amazing what a little alignment can do!

Prenatal Alignment Class participant
October 3, 2013

I was having leg cramps at night and the suggested daily calf exercises greatly reduced the pain.

Prenatal Alignment Class participant
March 28, 2013
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